Public Safety

Public Safety is not a new topic, but today more than ever we need to take a serious and active approach to safety on our school campuses, in public places, and workplace environments. We can’t forget the recent shooting that took place on a high school campus in Parkland, Florida where seventeen people were killed, and many others wounded, or the March 5th knifing on the Castroville Middle School Campus by a twelve-year-old male student. Violence will not be tolerated.  Our children should feel safe at school. Safe campuses are part of a healthy community.  

We need to require that our local schools have up to date best practices safety policies and precautionary procedures in place. We also need to see that every school has a successful anti-bullying program with interactive student participation in place as part of their curriculum.  Vicki promotes an educational environment where all students feel safe and empowered. She will make school safety a priority and promote solutions that secure our constitutional rights. 

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